QMOhio 2017 Year in Review

It’s been a great year for The Ohio Quality Matters Consortium

We’ve seen the number of individuals who have completed training from Quality Matters rise to over 5,000 people. We currently have 246 peer reviewers, 57 facilitators, and 61 master reviewers. Since 2006, there have been 296 QM recognized courses in our state, and the pace at which we have been utilizing our bartering system to facilitate reviews has increased dramatically.

Our annual member meeting this past year was held at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College with a total of 86 attendees. The presentations from our members were fantastic and provided insight into how QM is being implemented across the state.

The consortium has dedicated substantial resources into professional development for our membership. We have spent over $13,000 to help member institutions increase and maintain their peer reviewer, master reviewer, and facilitator ranks. Our executive committee now has representation from across the state, adding 6 new individuals to the team and further refining roles:

  • Dr. Ziad Akir, Washington State Community College – Southeast Ohio Representative
  • Dr. Lisa Clark, The University of Northwestern Ohio – Northwest Ohio Representative
  • Tammy Macek, Lorain County Community College – Co-Director of Professional Development
  • Dr. Paula Reams, Kettering College – Southwest Ohio Representative
  • Dr. Bethany Simunich, Kent State University – QMC State Co-Lead
  • Dr. David Stein, The Ohio State University – Central Ohio Representative

We have seen the addition of a new member institution, John Carroll University, and also had 9 individuals from the State of Ohio attend the QM Connect conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Our consortium remains the largest QM subscriber system, and we have a wonderful representative on the Quality Matters Board of Directors through Dr. Savilla Banister from Bowling Green State University.

Moving Forward

The consortium has numerous plans in the works for 2018. Our annual member meeting will be held on May 3rd at Kent State University, with our featured keynote speaker, Dr. Deb Adair, Executive Director of Quality Matters. We plan on refining our facilitator handbook, creating new documentation for helping member institutions increase QM adoption, providing localized QM mentors throughout the state, and utilizing our community forum to provide on-demand how-to guides/videos for conducting course reviews. We are pulling together research on QM in Ohio and plan to use that information to come up with new additional resources for our membership.

The work of our member institutions should not be understated. The State of Ohio is very interested in how we ensure quality in our online offerings. The consortium continues to serve as a model for other states looking to increase awareness and collaboration with QM. As we enter 2018, we will continue to build on our past success and work to increase the number of QM recognized courses and member institutions. It is the work of hundreds of individuals across Ohio that makes our consortium strong, and their dedication to improving the online learning experience for our learners is sincerely appreciated.

Happy Holidays, and have a great start to 2018!

– Steve K.
Chair, QM Ohio Executive Committee




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