Benefits of Joining

Member institutions enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Reduced individual institution dues
    – From $3,300 down to $1,100 for the national membership
    – Total cost to join the consortium is $1,600/year ($1,100 to QM National, $500 to the QM Ohio Consortium)
  • Quality Matters services and materials at discounted subscriber rates
    2016 Schedule of Fees from QM National
  • Discounted rates for Online Certification Courses (Peer Reviewer, Master Reviewer, etc…)
  • Free APPQMR Training for F2F session offered by a certified facilitator from an Ohio QM Consortium member
    – Non-subscribers would normally pay $3,300 for on-site training
  • Significantly discounted online APPQMR Training
    – $25 per participant (normally $300 per participant)
    – Led by a certified online APPQMR facilitator from the Ohio QM Consortium
  • Free QM Coordinator Training
  • Participation in the Course Review Bartering System
  • Courses are reviewed and can receive QM certification for free
    – QMC’s must hold a Course Review Manager Certification (CRMC), otherwise, QM National charges $100 per review
    – Non-bartered reviews can be $1,000 for subscribers and $1,400 for non-subscribers
  • Monthly state-wide webinars for QM Coordinators
  • Participation in The Ohio QM Consortium Annual Member Meeting
    – Our annual gathering which is free to those who are employed by a member institution

Joining the Ohio QM Consortium

Follow these steps to join:

  • Step 2: QM National contacts a Ohio QM State Lead for permission to add a new member to the consortium.
  • Step 3: Columbus State will be directed to process your membership. Faye Mock – fmock@cscc.edu from Columbus State Community College issues your institution a combined invoice with Consortium and National Fees.
  • Step 4: Your institution pays the invoice to Columbus State.  Annual dues are $1600 for a full year subscription to the Ohio Quality Matters Consortium, which includes all the member benefits.
  • Step 5: Payment is processed by Columbus State.
  • Step 6: Your institution will receive a welcome letter from the consortium with next steps, assign a mentor to your institution, and discuss your implementation plan with you.
  • Step 7: You now have full access to all Ohio QM Consortium benefits, including free APPQMR Training, The Annual Members Meeting, Bartering System, discounted materials, and discounted training.

If you have questions about the invoicing process, please contact Faye Mock at fmock@cscc.edu.
If you have questions about Membership Benefits, Quality Matters in general, please contact Jill Phipps at phipps@uakron.edu.

Interested in how our state system works?
To view and download our Consortium Infographic, click on the image below: