QM Coordinator Role (QMC)

  • Liaison between faculty & QM at institution
  • Primary point of contact
  • Manages course reviews
  • Supports workshop hosting
  • Assists with campus implementation plans

QM Coordinator Resources

Quality Matters national provides a wealth of resources for QM Coordinators (QMCs).

QM Coordinator Contact List

We make it easy for you to collaborate with the other QMCs in the consortium. This list is continuously updated the contact information for each QMOhio subscribing institution. If you need to make an update to this listing, please use the contact form on our web site to let us know.

Click here to view the current list of Ohio QM Coordinators.

If you recently had a QM Coordinator staffing change at your institution, you can use this form to update QM National with the change.

Note: You will want to identify your QM Coordinator in addition to your primary billing contact.