The Bartering System

The Quality Matters Ohio Consortium Bartering System database is under development and could evolve as utilization dictates. Credits and debits for QM reviews are recorded in a “good faith effort” to create an affordable system for members to have courses reviewed. No other value is implied.

For each review conducted, points are awarded in the following manner (if the reviewer is not from the institution requesting the review):
Credit of 2 points for Chairing a review.
Credit of 1 point for being the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Credit of 1 point for being the External Reviewer.

For each review conducted, points are deducted in the following manner (if the reviewer is not from the institution requesting the review).
Debit of 2 points for having someone Chair a review.
Debit of 1 point for having someone be the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Debit of 1 point for having the External Reviewer.

*Note: individuals performing more than one role in a single review will receive points of only the highest role performed. For example, if there is a Chair that is also the external reviewer, they will receive two points for performing the role of the Chair, but will not receive an additional point for also being an external reviewer.

All member institutions have received eight (8) credits in the system with payment of their annual dues.

Visit the Ohio QM Bartering System report page to view your institution’s current point status: and use the passcode: qmreport

If you would like to view a breakdown of the points earned and spent, simply click on the name of your institution and a new window will open with the details displayed.

Re-certification Policy

As per the QM Course Recertification Renewal Policy, courses which hold a certification older than 5 years must be re-certified in order to display the QM Certification Mark. Re-certifications may be conducted using our bartering system, and once completed and again upon meeting standards, a course will continue to be certified for an additional 3 years. Re-certifications can only be done once per course before a new review must be conducted.

In order to conduct a re-certification, a Master Reviewer who is external to your institution AND a subject matter expert must be used. If you are having difficulty locating an individual that meets these criteria, you may opt to conduct a new review that is bartered.

If you have questions regarding the Ohio Consortium Bartering System Database, please contact Steve Kaufman at 234-738-0138 or email